Limit, Iran
[Hearing] | [8 Mins]
in a quiet area a mentally-challenged man asks for help from the people he sees till someone enters his house, then suddenly...
A Forest, Italy
[Hearing] | [6:05 Mins]
A woman decides to go into the forest outside her house. There she begins to recollect an old tale she knew as a child and some creatures appear to help her remembering.
A-Lee - Can't give up, Norway
[Hearing] | [3:25 Mins]
You just can't beat the person who never gives up - Babe Ruth.
And on the seventh day…, Armenia
[Hearing] | [1.2 Mins]
Earthquake: a small village, located between two mountains, is buried in dust on a sunny winter day. An old man and his grandson were the only survivors. The boy was blocked in ruins, and the old man tried to rescue him vainly. With every effort the old man loses hope for the child's rescue. This is a story about a man who has lost everything, however drew strength in his own despair expecting for the worst.
Blue Peter, Croatia
[Hearing] | [14:28 Mins]
Petar is a young police officer who has just begun his carrer, he lives with his parents in a small maisonette. Officer Goran, who comes to pick up Petar, suddenly arrives at their place. They have to deal with another distraint. Petar doesn't want to be a part of it. His unemployed father tries to convince him to go since their family is dealing with money problems and soon they'll have to face an eviction. In the field during the distraint, Petar reacts in a human way, brakes the police powers and tries to protect distrainees who happen to be an older married couple.
IMAGINARY NOVELS, Montecito, California, United States
[Hearing] | [8:49 Mins]
IMAGINARY NOVELS is an eight-minute HD art video showcasing six novels. This digital format of poetic storytelling inspires viewers to rediscover great literature.
Refugees, Germany
[Hearing] | [5 Mins]
Global warming, environmental disasters, wars, all the inhabitants of the earth are potential refugees. To survive requires tolerance and mutual assistance.
SIX and ZERO, Casablanca Morocco
[Hearing] | [17:49 Mins]
Film: Portrait of Casablanca city through the eyes of the director who describes the urban landscape between 6am and midnight. Freely influenced ( answer, echo) of the film " 6 and 12 of Ahmed El Bouanani (1968) .
Somewhere to live, Italy
[Hearing] | [1:48 Mins]
Among the piles of garbage, a small fish away from his fellows, live in a pond.
Spoon, Iran, Islamic Republic of
[Hearing] | [15 Mins]
A 15 minute documentary about body punishment, singing in a region in Iran where parents used searing children for punishing them because of cultural poverty and illiteracy, that most of these searing are directed to sexual organs in order to control their sexual drive,uroclepsia and other parts of body such as hands, stomach, feet. etc...
The Sun in the Head, Italy
[Hearing] | [1:50 Mins]
Film Super 8 edited in camera B&W- Tri X Kodak - Reversible 7266 (film expired) Single shot This film was shot in Harlem, NY, USA. Days pass, pass, and they look at the possible future from a forgotten corner of Harlem, NY. The "American Way of Life" there fades, fades against the sun's rays. Survival was stirred in silence. Time passes, the economy moves back and forth. Here there are no heroes or antiheroes. But they are still there, waiting. Raymond Carver would say, "We're having a great time here. But I hope all will be revealed soon. "
YOU...!! MURDERER...!! YOU...!!!, Sri Lanka
[Hearing] | [9:00 Mins]
Marriage is bond between two human beings. Love and affection are the foundation and the spirit of that bond. When time goes, the bond remains without the spirit of it.A nostalgia creates which leads to the doubt.
Abiye – Backstage, Paris France
[Hearing] | [30 Mins]
A troupe's backstage. We follow them acting, interacting with each other during the breaks... We go through all of their intimacy, meeting all of these beautiful characters. All different... All together... They speak truthfully in front of our camera...
2 Angles, USA
[Hearing] | [15 Mins]
Very important event in purgatory from the daily life of a simple cleaner.