Rules & Information

Pre-Screening Rules

All video entries are to be submitted for prescreening in Phase Alternating Line (PAL) standards followed in India.

The files should be saved on a Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) or Compact Disc (CD) or Universal Serial Bus (USB) flash drive.

The files can be transmitted over the Internet to the IIDFF digital ID through your ID.

The discs or files must have the following details:

Film Title

The Director of the Film


Year made

Length of Film

State and Country of Origin

Contact number, IDs and address

Subtitles / Voices

Subtitles with Voices or without Voices are required for all dialogues and captions since the audience will include those with Deaf and hearing


All posters must be designed in A3 size and send in JPEG file format.

Press Kit

To enable your film to be covered by the mass media reporters in different mediums you are requested to submit the following:

1. Production Still Photos – Digital (in .jpeg format)

2. Photo of the Director – Digital (in .jpeg format)

3. Biography/ Filmography – Director (in Microsoft Word)

4. One-Sheet Art – Posters (in .PDF / .jpeg format)

5. Press Clippings (in Microsoft Word or .jpeg format)

6. Film synopsis (100 in words in Microsoft Word) and all printed materials pertaining to the film (Microsoft Word or scanned and .jpeg format).

7. 2 Screener copies - burnt on pen drive/cloud(to provide ID) / DVD or CD (in PAL / NTSC Format)


Deadline for submission : 31st December 2018

Notification of Acceptance for screening the film

Date of notification to the screener: 10th January 2019

Important Note

Film screeners who have not won any prizes during the 5th India International Deaf Film Festival 2017 in Kolkata CANNOT submit the same film for competitions. However, these films will be accepted for exhibition shows on 1st & 2nd February 2019

Postal Address

Films and posters can be posted to

K. Murali
DEAF LEADERS Foundation,
59, VOC Nagar , Thadagam Road,
Coimbatore – 641 025.
Tamil Nadu. India.
SMS: +91 940 58898

K. Murali
6th Indian International Deaf Film Festival (IIDFF),
C/o Mr. Chennesh,
No 460, Hawa Singh Block,
Asian Games Village,
Hauz Khans, New Delhi

Films and posters can be digitally transmitted to:

OR send Uniform Resource Locator (URL) link with your user ID and password.
You can also send on Google Drive / WeTransfer.

Terms and Condition

I permit screening committee of IIDFF 2016 to use my film for its promotional reel and use to press stills from my film for festival promotional materials (websites, newspaper articles, TV). The IIDFF has the rights to keep a copy of my film and IIDFF will not screen my film without my permission. (If you Agree, please copy the above text and message by email to from your ID)